Tailored Nutrition Plans

“If you do something consistently for 21 days it becomes a new habit and a part of your natural routine”.

Lolly takes a lifestyle approach to Nutrition and Exercise making it fun and realistic to achieve. She will focus on 3 main areas – current eating habits, lifestyle and well-being.

Following a detailed food diary and health symptom analysis Lolly will arrange your Nutrition Consultations in person or via Skype/Face-time. She will review your current eating patterns and you will both set out goals. Lolly will take you on a Nutritional journey of body transformation, improved health & well-being and increased energy.

She will identify any food intolerances and make everything easy and realistic to achieve. Fully supported with meal ideas, recipes and healthy alternatives. She does not believe in diets so you don’t need to worry about severe calorie cutting. Everything will still be allowed in moderation. You will learn how to use the food groups to work for you!

What you’ll learn from Lolly

You’ll learn how you can make positive changes to your lifestyle so you can get fitter, leaner and healthier and still enjoy all the foods you love.

Digestion is at the core of our health and wellbeing. Learn how to improve your digestion, burn more calories, reduce toxic load and melt the fat.

According to the World Health Rankings, France has the second lowest rate of heart disease. They also have the lowest obesity figures in the EU at 11%! Find out how you can apply some French panache to your lifestyle and still get lean, fit and healthy.