Christmas is fast approaching (like you needed me to tell you that) and you’re probably worrying about how many extra pounds you’ll put on over Christmas but I’m going to tell you to stop.

It might seem a bit odd that a nutritionist and fitness instructor is telling you to forget about the fitness routine just now but this is actually something I feel quite strongly about.

Christmas is the one season in the year when I believe that it’s okay to over-indulge a bit. In fact, I’ll go even further than that and say that I positively encourage it. Why?

It’s simple really. Christmas is for enjoying yourself and letting go. Can you do that AND continue to smash your goals and fitness habits? I’ll leave that up to you to decide but for me, personally, I’d rather not.

I work really hard all year to ensure that my family and I get the best nutrition and that I’m treating my body the way that it should be. I see Christmas time, with my gorgeous family and gorgeous food, as sort of like a reward for all my hard work during the year.

It’s okay to let go a little

It’s really important that you don’t see this as me telling you to go and pig out right through the festive season with reckless abandon. That’s absolutely not what I’m saying.

What I am saying is that if you want to have seconds of that insanely good pudding, or be a bit naughty and have another glass of wine with the cheese and crackers, then go for it!

For me, if I’m watching what I eat or feeling guilty it’s just not Christmas! Can I let you into a little secret? On Christmas morning, before I’ve even had my coffee, the first thing I always eat are a few chocolates. If you can’t have chocolate for breakfast on Christmas morning then when can you do it!?


Christmas: A family affair

This Christmas Day for us will be another big family affair and I honestly cannot wait for the kids’ faces when they see that Santa has been, making the dessert and cake, the turkey and all the trimmings and all the other little bits and bobs that make Christmas such an enjoyable and special time of year!

Will I put on a few extra pounds? Probably? Am I bothered? Nope, because I know that come the new year I’ll be back to following my nutrition and exercise plan.

In the meantime, have fun organising your Christmas!

Lolly x