Sugary snacks such as biscuits and chocolate

Who among us has not reached for that sneaky bar of chocolate for a quick energy boost when the mid afternoon slump hits.

Who can say that when energy levels dip that a sugary pick-me-up is not the snack of choice – simply because it’s there.

Or at school-pick up, have a packet of biscuits handy to reward kids for a hard day’s slog learning their ABC’s.

Well my advice to you is – think again!

Now I’m just as guilty as the next person for taking a dive into the biscuit tin and inhaling a long line of chocolate hobnobs when the going gets tough – or sometimes horsing my way though an entire block of chocolate in one sitting.

We all do it – and pig-outs are okay – it’s when it becomes part of a daily routine that you need to take a step away from the treat cupboard.

So why are we all getting so worked up about the sweet stuff?

Well, it comes as no surprise to know that if eaten in large quantities, it rots your teeth and makes you fat.

But what we are now learning is exactly how bad it is for us (about as bad as alcohol or tobacco) – and just as addictive.

And we are finally waking up to the fact that manufacturers have been sneaking it in everywhere.

It even lurks in what we might consider ‘healthy’ food choices – bran based breakfast cereal, tomato soup, baked beans.. the list continues.

So now we have an obesity crisis.

In Scotland one in three adults are now obese.

And the picture is even worse for future generations as figures show that last year there were 3,500 children who were clinically or severely obese when they started school in Primary one.

Jamie Oliver campaigned for a sugar tax

In March this year celebrity chef Jamie Oliver did his bit to try and combat our spreading waist-lines by putting pressure on the UK Government to introduce a ‘sugar tax’ to try and cut obesity rates.It is expected that the sugar tax, to come into force in two year’s time, will raise an estimated £520 million a year – with that cash spent on doubling funding for sport in primary schools.Well that’s just ‘pucka’ as Mr Oliver might say, but in the meantime, I have created some delicious but healthy snacks for everyone to enjoy – guaranteed to stave off those mid afternoon sugar cravings for both young and old.