Vegetable Kebabs with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Barbecued vegetable kebabs make a delicious main course or side dish and are so easy to prepare. If you decide to use wooden skewers instead of metal ones make sure you soak the skewers in water beforehand so they don’t burn. You can use a whole range of vegetables but make sure they’ll hold together on the skewer and not turn mushy when grilled. Here is a selection of vegetables to try.

Whole cherry tomatoes

Red yellow and orange peppers (capsicums) cut into chunks

Red onion cut into chunks

Broccolli florets

Sweet potato, par-boiled and cubed

Butternut squash, par-boiled and cubed

Courgettes thickly-sliced

Whole chestnut mushrooms

Also add some cubed, marinated tofu for a protein boost.


Thread the vegetables and tofu onto metal or pre-soaked wooden skewars and brush with balsamic vinaigrette. Place on the barbecue and cook for around 5 minutes turning often.