Vegetable Frittata

A vegetable frittata is the perfect protein-rich dish that’s quick, easy and fun to prepare – think of it as quiche without the carbs! You can add any veg you have in your drawer and enjoy it hot for a delicious Sunday breakfast, brunch or dinner – or cold, for Monday’s packed lunch!

Vegetable frittata ingredients (serves 2)

Veg suggestions

Choose around 100g of any four of the following veg or choose any others you like. You can even add some sliced chillies or jalapenos to give it a fiery kick.

Sliced mushrooms, sliced red onions, chopped peppers, chopped asparagus tips, broccoli florets, cauliflower florets. baby tomatoes (halved) diced leeks, wilted spinach

Other ingredients

4 medium free-range eggs (2 per person)

Himalayan salt

Black pepper

Pinch of herbs such as dried oregano, thyme, basil depending on what’s available (optional)

Small handful of grated cheddar (optional)

Tbsp of olive oil


Pre-heat grill to medium-high.

Add oil to a 10 to 12-inch cast-iron frying pan or non-stick pan – preferably oven proof.

Heat the oil and lightly fry your chosen veg (except the spinach), based on the length of time it takes to cook, starting with the onions. Once the veg has softened, remove the pan from the heat and set aside. Add the wilted spinach if this is one of your chosen veg.

Beat the eggs in a large bowl, add the herbs if using plus the salt and black pepper to taste.

Pour the beaten eggs over the veg in the frying pan (plus the cheese if using). Make sure the veg is well covered and place back on a low heat. Cook until eggs start to firm up around the sides (around 10 minutes) but are still runny on top.

Remove the vegetable frittata from the heat and place under the grill. If you’re not using a pan with an oven proof handle you can leave the grill door open with the handle outside. Cook for around 2 mins until the eggs are set. Test the centre with a knife. If the blade comes out clean or a little moist then the frittata is ready.

Turn the frittata onto a plate and leave to cool slightly and set for a few minutes, cut into portions and serve with a crunchy salad to top u those veggies even further. Cover and refrigerate any leftovers which will keep for up to four days.