Eating good food has always been important to me.

As a small child raised in Ireland my mother would always make sure we sat round the table with a hearty stew to tuck into.

Now, with a young family of my own, I am passionate about dishing up tasty but healthy grub for my growing clan.

But it’s not just getting the right sort of food into the small mouths that counts, it’s the type of fuel that us adults eat too that shapes not just our figures but our minds too.

So I’ve decided to use my knowledge as a nutritionist to create some tasty health-fuelled recipes for folk of all ages to enjoy.

Some of the fodder I’ve come up with is my own but sometimes I borrow from other well-known recipes and use my expertise to tweak the ingredients to make it as nutritious as it can possibly be.

It might be serving wild rice rather than pasta, or something as simple as substituting chips for slices of sweet potato.

Now I’m not saying I’m perfect. I love a glass (or three) of wine and I often have that can’t be bothered feeling at the end of a long and tiring day. Don’t we all? That’s why my recipes and meal suggestions are easy to follow and don’t contain ingredients that you can’t get at your local supermarket.

There is also no such thing as banned food on my shopping list.

Balance and moderation are key words to my approach.

So if you enjoy eating and living well – but still want to feel good about what you’re putting into your body then you’ll find Nutritious Lolly is right up your street.

Oh! By the way, I also run my own Core-Fit classes so watch my videos for tips on how to cook and carry out some body toning exercises too.