Scott Gillespie

Name: Scott Gillespie

Age: 46

Occupation: IT Projects Manager 

Type of plan: Whole-Body Plan plus personal tailored nutrition 

What were your reasons for wanting to embark on a nutrition plan? 

To resolve food intolerances and improve my diet.

Did you find the Plan easy to follow and understand?

Surprisingly so, I thought it was going to be really tough but because of the simplicity of the plan, if you just stick to the basic principles it is so effective!

Did you find the Plan easy to follow and understand?

Yes, everything was explained clearly and continuous support was provided during and beyond the plan.

Did the Plan improve your overall competitiveness in sport?

I only do sport for enjoyment and don’t compete. I did feel stronger, fitter and generally more alert as a result of the plan.

Did you follow the recipes and recommendations for supplementation, recovery meals and protein intake?  If so, did you find them useful, quick and convenient?

I did follow recommendations and found them very useful and easy to prepare. I found it a great benefit to prepare meals /smoothies / snacks in advance, which meant I wouldn’t skip meals at work.

What was the hardest part of the Plan?

Eliminating all foods I was intolerant to was the most difficult part of the plan (and getting used to spirulina).

Did you feel supported by Lolly during the process?

Yes, definitely.  She was always there to answer any queries via phone or email and was really supportive throughout.  She knew exactly how I would feel throughout the week and provided great encouragement and support throughout.

Have you noticed a difference in fat loss/inch loss and muscle mass?

I did notice a difference.  I didn’t have too much body fat before doing the plan, but I lost what was there during the plan.

Has your digestive health improved? 

This was what I wanted to improve most of all and it did improve drastically in a short time.  This is what gave me most satisfaction from the plan.

Have your energy levels improved?

Yes, definitely.  It was quite a noticeable difference in a short space of time.

Have you noticed a difference to the quality of your sleep? 

Yes, especially after exercise.

Did you reach your goal and how did that feel? 

I did reach my goal and it felt a real achievement, as it was something I had been trying to do for many years.

What changes have you made to your nutrition and fitness since completing the Whole-Body Plan/ Lorraine’s tailored Nutrition Plan?

I eat more fruit and vegetables and now know the foods that I am intolerant to.  I used to skip meals and now I eat at regular times in the day.

If recommending Nutritious Lolly to friends and family, what would you say?

Go for it!  She can help you achieve whatever you want to and provides fantastic support and advice throughout.

Anything else you would like to add?

The on-going support (newsletters, videos etc.) are useful too and always keep nutrition in your thoughts without it taking over your life.