Rachael Steedman

Name: Rachael Steedman

Age: 38

Occupation: Human Resources 

What were your reasons for wanting to embark on a nutrition plan? 

I exercise regularly 3 – 4 times per week, I consider myself relatively fit for my age, running half marathons occasionally but no matter what my exercise regime I never seemed to lose any weight, so I came to the conclusion that my nutrition must be the problem as I’ve been carrying about half a stone since having my girls. 

What were your goals and expectations? 

I wanted to lose half a stone, improve my nutritional habits and also my digestion. I have inflammatory bowel disease and so I felt that if I improved my nutrition, this might also ease my symptoms.

Did you find the Plan easy to follow and understand?

Surprisingly so, I thought it was going to be really tough but because of the simplicity of the plan, if you just stick to the basic principles it is so effective!

Did you find the Plan easy to follow and understand?

Surprisingly so, I thought it was going to be really tough but because of the simplicity of the plan, if you just stick to the basic principles it is so effective!

Did the Plan fit around your lifestyle – work life, family life etc?

Yes, at first it took slightly more meal planning than usual but we do plan our meals anyway to avoid waste. Often it was just a case of adding more salad or veg to my plate, and protein and less/no carbs depending on whether I was food combining or not that evening. I also found that my husband and youngest daughter really liked whole wheat or wholegrain alternatives (in terms of pasta/rice) when we were having pasta or rice dishes, so better for all of the family.

Did you follow the recipes?  If so, did you find them useful, quick and convenient?

I followed a few recipes, as my husband would testify, I’m not great at following a recipe but I like to take ideas and then do my own thing with them depending on what’s in the cupboard.

How did you find the 10-minute exercise videos and which were your favourites?

The thing I liked was that they were just 10 minutes long, I have signed up to fit for life so that I can make best use of these whenever I have 10 minutes to fit in. I tend to do a fair bit of exercise anyway, so for me personally it was the nutritional aspects I was focusing on. However, I did find the abs exercises really good, as this is probably one of my weakest areas.

What was the hardest part of the Plan?

I won’t lie, I do enjoy wine, some might say a little too much. So initially I found reducing my alcohol intake the most difficult thing. However, I did like that I didn’t need to rule it out completely and just applied more discipline whilst still enjoying a few glasses of wine on a Friday and Saturday evening.

Did you feel supported by Lolly during the process?

100%, the support was really valuable and a real key to my success with the plan!

Have you noticed a difference in fat loss or inch loss?

Yes, absolutely, I didn’t record inch loss specifically, but I lost half a stone and dropped a dress size. I also think I am much more toned than I was, half a stone doesn’t sound like a lot but I was 8 ½ stone to begin with so losing that ½ stone was something I had tried to do for years and never succeeded!

Has your digestive health improved?

Absolutely, Lolly suggested I take probiotics and I now combine these and chia seeds as well as lots and lots of water in to my daily routine and it has all made a really big difference. I know it sounds like a cliché but I really suffered from bloating beforehand and I rarely do now, and if I do I know exactly what’s caused it.

Have your energy levels improved?

I would say I’m a fairly energetic person anyway, but I have noticed a slight difference, probably the biggest impact here is from the reduction in my alcohol consumption.

Have you noticed a difference to the quality of your sleep?

Less sure about this, I sleep pretty well anyway though!

Did you reach your goal and how did that feel? 

Delighted to say yes! It was a massive sense of achievement, and if I had realised it would be this easy I would’ve done it years ago.

What changes have you made to your nutrition and fitness since completing the Whole-Body Plan?

My nutritional habits have completely transformed, I eat less bread and pasta than I used to, I snack much more of fruit and nuts, drinks lots more water and food combine 2/3 evenings a week. I do have the odd weekend where I still over indulge and I don’t give myself a hard time for it, I just know to start the next week as I mean to go on.

If recommending Nutritious Lolly to friends and family, what would you say?

I already have recommended to 3 or 4 people and lots of people have commented on the visible difference in how I look. This really worked for me, the simplicity of the plan is fantastic, anyone can do this – all you need is a little bit of motivation and discipline and you will see fantastic results. As someone with a big appetite, the best bit about it is there is no starving yourself and Lolly is right, you never, ever need to feel hungry on the plan!

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks Lorraine, for all your help, support and encouragement – you have enabled me to make changes I haven’t wanted to make for years but just didn’t quite know how!