Matt Cunningham

Name:  Matt Cunningham

Age: 19

Sport:  Boxing, Mixed-Martial-Arts and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu


What were your reasons for wanting to embark on a nutrition plan?

I train very intensely and I am very competitive.  I needed more energy for training and knew that if I could improve my diet it would help with performance.   With that in mind I am a very picky eater so knew this would be a challenge for Lolly. 

What were your goals and expectations?

I wanted to train harder for longer, build muscle mass, have more energy and win more competitions.  There was a bit of a list.  

Did you find the Plan easy to follow and understand? 

Lolly makes everything easy.  She worked around the things I like to eat and created lots of solutions and meal ideas that would work for everyone in the family.  She provided continued support and tweaked things along the way so that things were constantly improving. I learned more every week about nutrition and how it can work for me.  She makes everything easy so I was surprised as I really enjoyed it!  

Did the Plan improve your overall competitiveness in your Sport? 

Yes definitely.  I had so much more energy.  I never fatigued in training and built muscle mass which is exactly what I wanted.  I also felt more confident!  

Did you follow the recipes and recommendations for supplementation, recovery meals, protein intake?  If so, did you find them useful, quick and convenient? 

Everything was easy to follow and easy to adapt to work and training and everyday life!  This was the biggest surprise.  

Have you won competitions/titles/galas?  Please provide a list including personal best times, medals, awards and titles. 

I won Gold in the Eastern District Championships three times. Scottish Champion.  I have boxed for Scotland.  I also won Best East Lothian Boxer four times.  

What was the hardest part of the Plan? 

I am a picky eater and not great when it comes to trying new things although Lolly worked around this and provide solutions for things that I did really like.  

Did you feel supported by Lolly during the process? 

Yes. She was fantastic!  

Have you noticed a difference in fat loss / inch loss and muscle mass? 

I burned more body fat and built muscle mass.  This was a key element of what I wanted to achieve so that I felt stronger and more powerful.  

Have your energy levels improved? 

There was a significant difference in energy levels.  Sleep quality improved as well.  

Did you reach your goal and how did that feel? 

Yes, it felt amazing!  I would recommend everyone to do the Plan.  It is much easier than you think it will be.  My main goal was to eat healthier as my diet was not good.  

What changes have you made to your nutrition and fitness since completing the Whole-Body Plan/ tailored Nutrition Plan?

I understand the importance of protein for Sport.  What to eat and when.  All I need to know about supplementing my diet and what to eat for recovery meals as well as how much water to drink and when to include Electrolytes and how to vary my diet so that I don’t get bored and I am getting enough of everything.  I recover from training faster now too so I can go back training the next day without having tired muscles.  

If recommending Nutritious Lolly to friends and family, what would you say? 

Lorraine will make it easy.  You get lots of support and she really knows her stuff!

Anything else you would like to add

Nutrition is so important.  Don’t wait for another time – do it now!


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