Edgar Martinez

Name: Edgar Martinez

Age: 38

City / town of residence: Greenwood, DE, USA

Occupation: Home Inspector

What were your reasons for wanting to embark on a nutrition plan?

I wanted to learn more about the nutrition side of fitness.

What were your goals and expectations?

I was expecting to learn more about nutrition and lose a few pounds along the way.

Did you find the Plan easy to follow and understand?

The 6-week Whole-Body Plan is very easy to follow and Lolly makes it easy to understand.

Did the Plan fit around your lifestyle?

I have a very busy lifestyle and the plan can easily fit in my day.

Did you follow the recipes? If so, did you find them useful, quick and convenient?

I followed the recipes for breakfast but not all the recipes for dinner.

How did you find the 10-minute exercise videos and which were your favourites?

The 10 min exercise videos are fun and easy to follow. They motivated me to get back in the gym.

What was the hardest part of the Plan?

I had trouble following the dinner recipes. I live in the US and some ingredients were not easy to find.

Did you feel supported by Lolly during the process?

In my opinion the main difference between this plan and any plan I previously followed is the personalized support I got from Lolly. She really cares about the wellbeing of her clients.

Have you noticed a difference in fat loss or inch loss?

I lost 7 lbs. which was great but my energy levels increased tremendously.

Has your digestive health improved?

I can also say that my digestive health was one of the areas where I saw the most improvement.

Have your energy levels improved?

My energy levels have probably tripled since I started the Whole-Body Plan.

Have you noticed a difference to the quality of your sleep?

I always had good quality sleep so I did not notice a huge difference in that area.

Did you reach your goal and how did that feel?

I was able to reach my goal and I felt like I didn’t have to struggle.

What changes have you made to your nutrition and fitness since completing the Whole-Body Plan?

I drink much more water. Portion control, and the addition to Chia seeds to my diet have been some permanent changes to my everyday nutrition.

If recommending Nutritious Lolly to friends and family, what would you say?

I would say that the Whole-Body Plan is more than a diet. It’s about improving your health and the best preventative medicine for anyone.

Anything else you would like to add?

I would highly recommend the Whole-Body plan to anyone looking to make permanent change to their overall well-being. Thank you Lolly!!!!