Donald Grant


Name: Donald Grant
Age: 29
City / town of residence: Tranent, Scotland
Sport:  Rugby union, prop forward for Musselburgh RFC


The Intense Demands of Rugby

For those new to rugby union, the front row of the scrum – made up of two prop forwards and a hooker – is the engine room of the forwards pack. In days gone by, the front row, especially in amateur clubs were mostly heavy, overweight and slower than most other players. The modern game of rugby however, is very different. Due to the intense physical demands of the game, players are more aware of body conditioning and nutrition than ever before. This is as true for amateur clubs as it is in the professional game. Donald Grant plays in the front row for Musselburgh RFC, a Scottish rugby amateur club in the highly competitive BT National League Division 1. Here is Donald’s experience of the Nutritious Lolly Whole Body Plan.


Donald in the engine room of the Musselburgh scrum

Donald’s Experience of the Whole-Body Plan

Rugby is an 80-minute long game of physical endurance which requires the right fuel intake to help players last the pace. Donald had set a goal to learn more about proper fuel intake to help him compete effectively during the game and recover more quickly afterwards. He said, “I wanted to become leaner but also maintain my muscle mass which is needed in the front row.” So, what did he think of the Whole-Body plan? “It was very easy to follow and helped me prepare as much as possible in terms of fuel and hydration which allows me to play to my potential. I’m a huge fan of stir-fries and curries for quickness, and supplements are a huge factor in my routine. Once I saw the results Nutritious Lolly delivered I was really encouraged.

In terms of challenges Donald, like most of us has a sweet tooth. “I love desserts, so I had to learn to adapt to responsible snacking.” Responsible snacking helps to avoid the highs and lows of sugar intake and delivers a more even blood sugar throughout the day. “I always felt supported by Lolly though so it helped me focus on my end goal.”

The Main Changes in Donald’s Eating Habits

One of the main foods Donald reduced from his diet was bread. He also cut out high-sugar dishes such as macaroni cheese (saving them for his post-match clubhouse treat). Instead he swapped the simple carbs for more complex carbs and proteins such as wholegrain rice, beans and pulses – especially on training and game days when it’s important to have a decent pre-match food intake. Donald also ate a variety of good quality proteins throughout the week such as white meat, red meat and fish to repair his muscles and fuel his body for longer. He also swapped cow’s milk for almond milk and ate, green veg with most meals.

Stamina sapping high-intensity pad work

The Results

So, did Donald achieve the results he was looking for? “Yes. The small changes made a huge difference. I’ve lost body-fat, I feel a lot leaner, not bloated at all now…and I even have abs! My digestive health is a lot better and I have loads more energy which means I don’t get tired in the afternoon anymore. Instead, I fall asleep at night as soon as my head hits the pillow, which means my body can recover and repair itself while I sleep. The Nutritious Lolly plan definitely works if you work it and this is one very happy client.”

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