Changing lives – What people are saying about Lolly

When I gave up my career in recruitment to become a nutritionist and exercise instructor, I had no idea about the positive impact my change in direction would have on so many others.

Here’s what they have to say about the journey we’ve taken together. I’ve only posted their first names due to client confidentially, but I truly am humbled by what they have to say.

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I lost 12lbs in six weeks! Months later I continue to enjoy this way of eating. I felt fully supported by Lolly and enjoyed the scope of the plan. For me that was the huge appeal. It’s what differentiates it from a typical ‘diet’ to an introduction on how to eat well for life. I feel strong, toned and insanely happy!


I have surprised myself and loved doing the whole-body plan. I don’t really like exercise, and have always been overweight. I never thought I’d own a pair of skinny jeans but now I do and they’re really comfortable on as I’ve lost well over a stone. It has changed my eating habits forever. I sleep well, my skin is great – I’m just so much happier. When I have a treat like a glass of wine or two, and a Kit-Kat I enjoy it so much more. I love that I still get to have all my favourite things.


Being highly competitive in sport, daily intense training had me feeling exhausted. I was so frustrated that I was not losing enough weight and felt very stressed. That has completely changed now. I have so much energy. Pounds fell off quite quickly and I was able to build more muscle-mass than ever before. This is all down to Lolly’s knowledge and expertise.


Lolly’s plan is like a sprinkling of fairy dust over body and mind. Everything looks and feels sparkly, especially me!


I am more toned now than I’ve ever been. I always struggle to fit the time in for exercise classes and gym membership. I realise now it doesn’t take hours of exercise to achieve the physique you really want. Short bursts of exercise and good nutrition advice are the key. Thank you Lolly – you’ve transformed me!


I’ve loved incorporating a different way of eating. Quick, easy meals for everyone. I eat so much more and my physique is even better now than it was pre-children. Just when I’d lost all hope and was fed up listening to myself complaining, Lolly came along like a breath of fresh air. I will embrace your principles long term.


Before I started Lolly’s plan I was run down, feeling low and bloated and having trouble sleeping. Rather than prescribing a radical unrealistic plan, the Whole-Body Plan easily fits in with my busy life. Although I can eat anything I want to I now crave healthy food. Lolly is knowledgeable, fun and supportive and her plan really works.


Working with Lolly has completely transformed how I think about food and it has hugely improved my health. After doing every diet on the planet, with Lolly’s help, I’ve finally ditched them all and now enjoy eating in a balanced and sensible way. Plus, I can still have a few beers and crisps when I really want them. The Whole-Body Plan isn’t just about food and short exercise bursts. It really is life-changing. Everyone should do it.

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You’ll learn how you can make positive changes to your lifestyle so you can get fitter, leaner and healthier and still enjoy all the foods you love.

Digestion is at the core of our health and wellbeing. Learn how to improve your digestion, burn more calories, reduce toxic load and melt the fat.

According to the World Health Rankings, France has the second lowest rate of heart disease. They also have the lowest obesity figures in the EU at 11%! Find out how you can apply some French panache to your lifestyle and still get lean, fit and healthy.