Washboard Abs 30 Day Challenge

Get excited as we are about to commence our 30 day Washboard Ab Challenge.  Only 10 minutes every day for 30 consequetive
days.  There will be a video demo posted every week with different
exercises to work on.  Please be aware that while these exercises are
non-impact, if you have any injuries, health concerns or recently had a
baby you should first consult your GP.  Ab exercises can be hard but it
is just 10 minutes of your time every day so I want you to really go for
it!  Get your friends involved too and ask them to Like/Follow our Blog
to keep up to date.  The more the merrier.  
You will lose inches!!!  You will notice a huge difference in toning!!!
 Measure the widest part of your waist before and after and take front
and side pics before and after so that you can really see the results
for yourself.  

Very Important
– should you feel the duration of each exercise is too long then reduce
the time and very quickly move onto the next exercise then back through
the series of exercises again until you have completed your 10 minutes.
 You could for example do each exercise for 30 seconds (building up the
duration of each exercise every day) and then repeat.  

 Tip – If it is not burning it is not working.  Only 10 minutes a day.  Come on – you can do it!!!!

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