Washboard Abs 30 Day Challenge Week Two

Are you ready
for Week 2 of our Washboard Ab Challenge?!!  As you will see from our
video you can do these exercises anywhere.  Even on the lawn outside
Tesco – so there are no excuses!
Tip –
if you find an exercise is too long then shorten the exercise and
repeat.  You also have the option of doing 5 minutes in the morning and
5 minutes in the evening.  The other alternative is to do 2 days (not
consecutive) in the week of 15 minutes and then you can have a rest day
for example on a Sunday.
don’t forget to take snaps.  If you do this every week you will see
your progress for yourself and it will help to keep you motivated.
Visualise!!!  Believe!!!  Achieve!!!  You can do it!!!!! 

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