Washboard Ab Challenge Week 3

So here I am at my fabulous friends the Andersons’ house.  Their gorgeous daughters Sarah and Debbie are fine tuned athletes.  I have 10 minutes so lets just show them and you how week 3 of our Washboard Ab Challenge is done – 
Forward Pulse – lying on your back tilt your pelvis.  Round in and pulse for 2 minutes
Knees bent – pulse forward for 2 minutes
Both Legs Raised – pulse forward for 2 minutes
Sitting upright with feet hip width apart.  Hands on the knees.  Stretch back until your arms are straight and wave your arms 20 times.  Lean back another inch or 2 and wave your arms 20 times.  Lean back a further inch or 2 (literally as far as you can go without toppling over) and wave 20 times.  Do this 3 times!  Your abs should burn like hell and your tummy should shake involuntarily if you are doing this properly.  
For the last minute – choose you favourite ab exercise to date and go hell for leather with it!!!!!  
Tip – If you have a sore lower back put a rolled up mat or a cushion behind you while in an upright position to support it.  

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