6 Tips for Being Kinder to Yourself

Life is a marathon, not a sprint and while we all set ourselves goals it’s important to bear in mind that if we don’t quite achieve what we want to from time to time, we need to cut ourselves some slack. Here are 6 tips for being kinder to yourself.

Count your blessings

It may be a cliché but it’s still one of life’s great lessons. If things aren’t going well take a few moments to make a list of the good things in your life, many of which will be down to you. Then congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Doing something is often good enough

“No matter how slowly you go, you’re still lapping the person on the coach.” I love this mantra! It also ties in with my other blogs on walking for fitness and goal-setting. If you can only manage to go out for five or ten minutes one night, at least you’re still making progress in your quest for a fitter and more active life.

Find your special talent

Some people are talented at sports…but most people aren’t. Some people are talented artists…but most people aren’t. Everyone has a special talent but maybe you don’t know what yours is yet. Take time to explore what it is, because once you’ve found it guess what? You’ll be in that special group of people who are talented at it…because most people aren’t.

Reward yourself…often!

Rewarding yourself when you achieve a small goal is really important for your self-esteem and motivation and it needn’t be expensive. Even setting aside some time for a small treat is good enough. The point is that it should be personal to you…something that you really enjoy. So, whether it’s a visit to an art gallery, lunch with friends or a chilled glass of prosecco, you’ve earned it…so enjoy that victory sip!

Relax, de-stress and re-charge those batteries

This super-charged world we live in can sometimes place impossible demands on us. We’re humans not machines and humans need time to recharge our biological batteries. But, maybe you find it difficult to switch off sometimes. Worse still – do you feel guilty about taking some time just for you? If so, you might want to change your thought process. Put it this way, how useful are you going to be to your family, your friends or your boss (in that order), if you burn yourself out? So, now that you’ve recognised that you need to take some ‘me-time’ what can you do to relax and de-stress? Here are some suggestions:

Go for a walk in the woods– Trees are amazing. I’ve mentioned them before in my walking blog but ‘forest bathing’ is just the most wonderful thing for experiencing the healing power of nature. Invest in an inexpensive (but waterproof) pair of walking shoes or boots and get out there with your family, partner or a friend. There will be forests not far from where you live and certainly within a short drive away.

Have a spa, massage or a float – A spa or a hot-stone massage is a brilliant way to help you unwind and there will be a reputable spa somewhere near you so check it out. I’ve also heard about floating as a means of de-stressing. I’ve never tried it yet, but it’s supposed to be amazing. I’ve been invited to try the new Zero-G Float Therapy Centre in Portobello, East Edinburgh, so I’ll give it a shot and let you know how I get on.

Read or listen more – Reading is a great way to unwind and relax…even if it’s the latest thriller. The point is it can take you to another place – even for just a short while. A library card is a great way to choose a new book, or buy a pre-owned one from a charity shop. If you really can’t get something off your mind you could try audio-books. The beauty about audio-books is that they just wash over you and you don’t even have to turn the pages. Get a good narrator and you’ll soon get caught up in the story.

Be patient

The final tip on the list is to be patient. We all want things to happen now whether it’s losing a few inches or just getting our main course served that bit quicker in a restaurant. The problem with instant gratification, especially when it comes to fat-loss, is that we forget to live in the present and enjoy the journey. However, if you stick to the path, everything will happen in time and, like the main course which has been slow-cooked and brought to your table with a smile, the victory will taste all the better for it.

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