5 ways to keep your motivation up

Motivation can be such an elusive thing sometimes. Here one minute, gone the next. But there are steps we can take to ensure a more steady and reliable flow of motivation during our busy weeks.

Here are five methods I use to keep my motivation levels up, which I know will help you too.

Motivation comes with realistic goals

This is the biggest factor in determining whether we nail it or get disheartened and give up. Time and again I see people set themselves completely unrealistic goals in a particular timeframe and when they fail, they beat themselves up so bad that it’s counter-productive.

It doesn’t have to be like that. It takes times to achieve your goals.

Instead of one big goal that you’ll feel like you’re constantly trying to achieve, break them up into smaller goals. When you hit these little milestones on the way, the feeling of achievement spurs you on even more.

Reward yourself

If you’re a complete badass who can keep going like a machine without ever stopping to reward yourself, then go you. But that’s not me.

My advice would be to always, always reward your achievements with a treat. Did you hit another little fitness or body transformation goal this week? Great. Reward yourself for it. For me, it might be a Prosecco or two or maybe even sharing a Friday night pizza with the family.

Take a step back

We are all often far too hard on ourselves. Be kind to yourself. Take a step back every week and a deep breath and applaud yourself for what you have achieved and getting a step further to your ultimate goal.

Record your progress

Recording your progress is important. I like to record not only my fitness performance but also my body transformation.

So, write down how you felt after my 10-minute exercise videos, a brisk walk or run or whatever it is that you love to do. Also take weekly photos of your physique. Seeing and feeling changes in your body is an extremely powerful method of keeping motivated.

Remind yourself of the ‘why’

This is incredibly powerful but we don’t do it enough. Often when we feel like giving up, that overwhelming urge to can it all in is the only thought we have.

That feeling like you’re failing (see point 1 about realistic goals) can completely take over and that’s okay because here is how you’re going to stop it in its tracks.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself ‘why’? Or rather, remind yourself why, you  started your journey for a purpose; with a goal in mind. Think hard at this moment what that goal was. Think back to the moment you decided why you were going to do this. Now think about how important that purpose, that goal was to you then.

Then you’ll remember that it’s just as important now and you’ll keep going. I know you will.

Lolly Cunningham is the founder of Nutritious Lolly and was featured in Huffington Post. Read the story here.

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